FAQ - Desk Audit: US Country of Birth w/ Non-US Ed Location

This article explains why a student appears on the Desk Audit table, US Country of Birth w/Non-US Education Location. It also tells how to correct the most common causes. 

!!! IMPORTANT NOTE !!!  By default, the Desk Audit report Start Date is set to
July 1 of the current NRS program year. When the report is run, SiD shows items
in effect on the report Start Date (July 1, unless you change it).

Q: When I run the Desk Audit report, students appear on the US Country of Birth w/Non-US Education Location table. What does this mean, and how do I fix it?

A: When a person is marked as being born in the U.S., but received their education outside of the U.S., the student name will appear on this table. This may be true for a handful of students, and they can remain on the table - they don't need to be fixed.

For most students on this table, there's a problem with the Education Location history item. When SiD went online in 2016, many imported student records did not have an Ed Location selected. Those records were added to SiD with a default Non-U.S. Education Location item.

There are two common scenarios causing students to be tagged as Non-US Education on the table. 
  • Scenario 1: The student has more than one Ed Location history item. The Non-US Education Location item is in effect on July 1. A more recent US Education Location item needs to be back-dated to July 1.
  • Scenario 2: On the Students>History screen, the student has only one Ed Location history item: Non-US Education Location. The history item was created by your site. 

Scenario 1 solution

When students return to ABE after a long absence and the Student Re-Entry button is used, a new Education Location is added to the student record during intake. The new Ed Location item goes into effect on the day the student re-enrolled.

However, as noted above, the Desk Audit report shows items in effect on July 1 of the current NRS year


Backdate the Effective Date of the more recent US Education Location entry so Non-US Education is no longer in effect on July 1.

  1. On the Students>History screen, select your site's US Education Location row with the most recent Effective Date.
  2. Edit the Effective Date to July 1 of the current NRS program year.
  3. Save changes.


Scenario 2 solution

It's not possible to EDIT a history item from Non-U.S. to U.S. Education Location. Instead, you must remove the Non-US Education history item, then add a new US Ed Location history item. This will remove the student name from the table.

  1. On the Students>History screen, select the Non-US Education row. On the Edit screen that appears, click the Ed Location>Non-US history item. In the Edit box, click Remove this History and follow the prompts.
  2. Add a new US Education Location history item with a date of July 1 of the current NRS Program year, e.g. 7/1/2019. 


The solutions above cover a majority of students who appear on this Desk Audit table. If neither applies to your student, contact us at and we'll take a look.

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