SiD Group Email List

Every so often we, the SiD software designers, send updates to people who are on our group email/distribution list.

Email content

Newsy items we share may include:

  • new software features;
  • database best practices;
  • data cleanup;
  • SiD webinar announcements;
  • high-priority notices about software disruptions (thankfully rare!); and
  • prepping to submit MnABE required reports.

Target audience

SiD emails are written for people whose main job function is to maintain or oversee data in SiD, i.e. primary data staff and ABE managers. The tight member guidelines help us keep the group email list current and manageable. Most ABE programs have one or two people in the SiD email group.

The SiD group list does not include staff with teacher or view only logins. The email content is often not relevant, especially when it comes to submitting reports to MnABE. 

There's nothing super secret about the SiD emails. We strongly encourage SiD group members to forward any part of the emails to your local staff. This gives you control of what information your staff see.

How to be added to or removed from the SiD Group Email list

  • If you're a primary data person or manager for your ABE program, send us a request to be added to the SiD group email at
  • If you're currently on the list and wish to be removed, you can also reach us at
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