FAQ: Why are students missing from the NRS Primary Goals report?

Here are some reasons why students who passed the GED or earned a diploma are not appearing on the NRS Primary Goals report. Contact us at for more help.

Student has too few attendance hours in your report date range

  1. When the report filter is set to show participants, students must have 12+ hours between the report Start Date and End Dates. Check each Student>Time screen to confirm that students missing from the list earned at least 12 attendance hours during the report date range.
  2. Students whose last attendance hours were BEFORE the report Start Date will not be included. This applies to students who stopped attending classes last year, but didn't earn the GED/diploma until this program year.

GED: the data match has not been made

  1. The data match has not been done since your student passed the test. For now, the match occurs about once a month.
  2. The student did not pass both screening levels required for the match to happen. Matching happens when students pass two levels of screening.
    • Level 1: First name and last name and birthdate are identical in both and SiD.
    • Level 2: Phone number or email or social security number is identical in both and SiD.

    When students pass both screening levels, the GED outcome is automatically added to the SiD record as an NRS Primary Goal history item. 

  3. The student did not complete the entire battery.

Diploma: the MET history item needs to be added/adjusted

The report looks at the Students>History screen for NRS Primary Goals>Diploma MET rows. Unlike the automated Passed GED 2014 history item, the diploma MET item must be added manually.

  1. The student does not have a NRS Primary Goals>Diploma MET history item. Add a new NRS Primary Goals>diploma history item.

  2. The student has a combination Diploma SET/MET history item.
  • A MET history item is required for MDE/NRS reporting for the diploma goal.
  • A SET history item is not required for the diploma goal. 
  • If your program chooses to track both when the goal was SET and when it was MET, create 2 history rows, as seen below. Do not combine both SET and MET into a single history item.

Keep in mind:

  • Most report filters look at the history item's Effective Date - not the End Date.
  • If you use a Status item (set or met), it should be related to the Effective Date.


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