12 hour lockdown for Students with No EFL

Academic students* need a valid test to set an entry Educational Functioning Level (EFL) for the NRS program year. Beginning 7/1/18, students with no EFL cannot earn 12 or more attendance hours until they have a valid test.

12 hour lockdown rules

  • Enter up to, but not including, 12 hours for No EFL students.
  • After the test is entered into SiD, entering attendance can resume.
  • There is no catch-up. Hours earned between the 12 hour cutoff and the test date cannot be entered after the test is recorded.
  • For shared students, the limit includes hours earned at other sites.
  • For swipe attendance systems, the cutoff will happen when the student swipes out.
  • The limit affects NRS countable hours only.

How to avoid the 12 hour lockdown

  • Make sure attendance is up to date.
  • Run the SiD No EFL report frequently.
  • Test the student ASAP!
  • Use the appropriate test, in an alternate form from the last test.
  • Enter the results into SiD immediately.
  • Re-test students with out-of-range scores

Error messages

When entering attendance, an error message will appear when the number of attendance hours equals or exceeds 12. 

Note that the error message on the Classes>Attendance screen shows the badge ID of the student whose time entry was rejected.



*People in non-academic Conditional Work Referral (CWR) programming do not need a test to set an EFL. CWR students may earn up to 30 hours per program year.


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