Assessments for blind, non-Braille literate students

There are no NRS-approved tests for students who are blind, but do not read Braille. However, the MDE allows ABE programs to assign a specific test category for qualifying students.

If a blind student is unable to take an NRS-approved assessment, assigning this test will allow the student to be enrolled and accrue contact hours as they participate in instruction. DO NOT assign this test without first consulting with PANDA to see if an appropriate accommodation is available for this blind student, such as a Braille test or large-print test.

  • Students with one of these assessments can earn 12 or more attendance hours.
  • Students will be placed in ABE/ESL Level 1.
  • Students cannot be post-tested or change levels.

Test options

Two test options are available in SiD, one for ABE Reading, and one for ESL Reading.

How to record this test

  1. To see the new blind, non-Braille literate options in the menu of available tests, you must change your custom test list. See Select Displayed Tests: Custom Test Lists.
  2. On the Students>Assessments tab or Classes>Assessments tab, select the desired Blind Non-Braille Literate test from the menu. Enter the test date.
  3. In the Primary Score box, enter a score of 1. 
  4. Click the Save button.


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