Student History: Manage SET and MET Rows

SET and MET history item statuses apply to student goals. This article tells how to manage history items rows so MET items appear correctly on reports.

For MDE/NRS goals reporting, only the MET history item is required. A SET history item is optional. While a SET item can be useful for programs tracking that goal, it is not required for reporting purposes.

Reports look at the Effective Date of the history item to determine when a goal was set or met. In the example below, the reports would show the diploma was earned in Aug 2017, not on the history item End Date of Feb 2018.181018_effectivedate_dipl_goal_met.jpg

How to mark history items as as MET

Option 1: Create a new goal MET row on the Students>History screen

Use this method if your program tracks when goals are SET and MET. 

  1. Using the form at the top of the screen, add a new goal.
  2. The Effective Date is when the student reached the goal.
  3. Choose the appropriate goal from the History Item menu.
  4. Mark the Status as MET.


Option 2: Edit an existing goal row from SET to MET.

Use this method if your program doesn't track when goals are SET and MET. 

  1. On the Students>History screen, select an existing SET goal.
  2. Edit the Effective Date to the date the student reached the goal
  3. Change Status to MET.


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