3 month lockdown for entering tests, time

SiD limits how far back in time users can add, edit, or delete student tests or attendance hours. The time limit is called the 3 month lockdown.

Tests and NRS hours can be managed for the current month and within the last 3 full calendar months. The 3 month lockdown period changes on the first day of each month.


  • In January, hours and tests can be added or changed if they are dated in Oct, Nov, Dec, or Jan.
  • On February 1, hours and tests can be added or changed if they are dated in Nov, Dec, Jan, or Feb.

The 3 month lockdown affects:

  • NRS contact, counseling, one-on-one, and distance learning hours
  • NRS approved standardized tests, such as TABE, CASAS, and BEST Plus


For help entering older time and tests, contact

Note 1: ​To preserve ABE data after it has been reported, Urban Planet (UP) staff will not enter tests or time once the contact hour or NRS program year data has been submitted. 

  • Once Table A has been submitted, UP won't change/add anything dated before May 1.
  • After the NRS Program year report has been submitted, UP won't alter things before July 1.

Note 2: There is a 5-year software limit on entering any NRS or non-NRS tests. This limit cannot be overridden by users or UP staff.


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