FAQ: Can Person Search show test scores?


Can Person Search be changed to show a student’s most recent test scores without having to add existing students to our site?


The software team has discussed this several times. For now, we do not intend to add student test scores to Person Search results. Instead, we recommend adding a student to your site first, then testing.

We want programs to be able to find existing student records created at other sites using Person Search. But we also want to protect student confidentiality until programs "take ownership" of students by adding them to a site. 

Many programs have tweaked their intake process to follow this order:

  1. Search for the student using Person Search
  2. Confirm that the new student matches a student already in the ABE system
  3. Add the existing student record to your site
  4. Look at the student's test history
  5. Give the student the appropriate test (if necessary)

Note: the first 3 steps require SiD admin-level login privileges.

Here are examples of how the revamped intake process might look. The best solution depends on your program structure.

  • Student pre-registration is required for an orientation. Prior to the orientation date, a person with admin privileges will look up the potential students' names in SiD to see if they already have a record. The student isn't ADDED to SiD until they actually show up at orientation and express an interest in continuing.
  • Orientation and testing are done in separate sessions. Between sessions, an admin person looks for existing records in Person Search.
  • Orientation is led by a teacher, with an assist by an admin person. Students start the paperwork. The admin person looks up students in Person Search while the teacher continues with orientation. Testing follows in the same session.
  • Teachers who have drop-in students after hours are given admin level accounts. They can then do the Person Search themselves while the student is sitting in front of them. (Be careful who you trust with this. We've found through experience that not everyone is as careful as they could be in adding and merging students. It doesn't help if the teacher looks at the record for the wrong student with the same name and gives the wrong test.)
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