Table 7 staff definitions

Use these definitions when creating Staff or Volunteer records. Contact SiD Support,, with specific questions about your staff scenarios. 

State Staff Type

Describes a person's position or ABE function. Each person may have only one state staff type.

  • Administrative - works on ABE program business and does not supply any direct guidance to students
  • Counselors - does not teach, but supplies direct guidance to students - intake, testing, scheduling, etc.
  • Paraprofessionals - supports teachers in classroom instructions but never leads instruction
  • Not Reportable - this category is not included on NRS Table 7.
  • State Administrative - state (MDE) level ABE staff
  • Teacher - leads instruction in classes

Staff Hourly Type

Status of each position paid out of Federal, State, and/or local ABE dollars. Staff may report only one hourly status (full time, part time, or un-paid) per person on Table 7.

  • Full time
  • Part time
  • Un-paid - This rarely used type is assigned when the staff person provides support for the ABE program, but is not paid with Federal, State, and/or local ABE dollars. Instead, another source of funding, e.g. senior community service employment program, pays for the staff position.
  • Unreported - This hourly type is used for some staff who have login privileges at more than one SiD site (supersite Table 7). This category is not included on NRS Table 7.


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