GED data match

The MDE sends Urban Planet a list of Minnesotans (not just ABE students) who have passed the GED. Urban Planet compares the MDE list against SiD student records. When matching students are found, a "passed GED" history item is automatically added to the SiD student record.

How the matching process works

  • The MDE list of passers contains info from student registrations on, or GED Manager for Corrections.
  • SiD student details were entered by your staff and/or another ABE program if the student was shared.

Matching happens when students pass two levels of screening.

  • Level 1: First name and last name and birthdate are identical in both and SiD. (Middle and nicknames are not considered in the match process.)
  • Level 2: Phone number or email or social security number is identical in both and SiD.

When we have confident match between the MDE list and SiD records, the GED outcome is added as an NRS Primary Goal history item. The Comment field will say "automated." The GED is assigned to the first site that served the student. All programs that share the student get "credit" for the GED for local and MDE reports.


Notes about entering goals as history items

NRS Primary Goals

Personal Goals

  • Personal Goals are for local program use only.
  • You can mark a Personal Goal of obtaining a GED as SET. This can be helpful if your program wants to know the number of students who want to attempt the GED.
  • You can mark MET for the Personal Goal>GED if you choose. This can be a good way to double check that the GED data match is working for your students.
  • Personal Goal>GED is ignored during the GED data match. 

See students who have been matched

Run the NRS Primary Goals report to see students in your program who have earned a GED. 



Contact us at if you find students who passed the GED more than a month ago, but do not have the GED 2014 Passed automated history item. 


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