FAQ's: Student History

Q: When should I create a new history row?

A: Add a new row for every history group/item as soon as it applies to the student. Whenever possible, use the date the item went into effect.

Q: Do I have to create a SET item row for all student goals?

A: No. Here's what you need to know.

NRS Primary and Secondary Goals:

  • You do not need a SET row for NRS reporting; you may decide to use a SET row for local reporting*.
  • You do need to create a MET row to include adult diploma and post-secondary job training outcomes on NRS Table 5.*
  • Other goals in these two groups are reported on NRS Tables 8 (Family Literacy) and 9 (Secondary Outcomes). However, the MDE does not submit Tables 8 or 9 to the Feds with Minnesota's annual ABE report.

Personal Goals:

  • Not counted on NRS tables, so creating SET/MET goal rows is a local decision.*

*If you plan to run a report showing names of students who set and/or met goals during a certain timeframe, create a row using the date the goal was SET and another row for the date the goal was MET. 

Q: When do I put an End date on an existing history row?

A: Give an END date for history items that no longer apply to the student. This includes students you add from another site. 

Q: Should I delete old history items?

A: No, please don't delete any legitimate history items. Instead, give an END date to those that no longer apply.

The only time you should delete a history item is when you create one by mistake. FYI, you cannot delete any history items unless they were created at your site. 

Q: What do I do when a student meets a goal?

  1. Put an END date on the Goal SET row if one exists (The goal is no longer current once it's been met).
  2. Create a new row with the name of the goal, the date the goal was reached, and mark a status of MET.

Q: Where can I find a list of student history groups and items?

A: Click here: Student History Groups and Items. While we're at it, here's the link to Staff and Volunteer Groups and Items.

Q: Can we create our own history groups and items?

A: Yes! See this article: Create or edit site specific history groups/items

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