FAQ's: Student History

Q1: When should I create a new history row?

Add a new row for every history group/item as soon as it applies to the student. Whenever possible, use the date the item went into effect.

Q2: When do I put an End Date on an existing history row?

Give an End Date for history items that no longer apply to the student. This includes students you add from another site.

Q3: Do I have to create SET and MET goal rows?

It depends on the type of goal, and how your program tracks them.

NRS Primary Goals:

  • You DO NOT need a SET row for items that will be used for NRS reporting. You may decide to use a SET row for local reporting.
  • You CANNOT SET an NRS Primary Goal MET for GED 2014. This is an automated match between and SiD student records.
  • For NRS reporting, you DO need to manually add a MET row when a student meets local credit-based adult diploma or post-secondary job training goals.
  • You DO NOT need a MET row for state competency adult diplomas. A history item will be added to the student record automatically.

NRS Secondary Goals and Personal Goals are not counted for NRS reporting. Creating SET and/or MET goal rows is a local decision.

Q4: What do I do when a student meets a goal?

  • Option 1: Create a new row with the name of the goal. The Effective Date is when the student reached the goal. Mark the Status as MET.
  • Option 2: Edit the existing goal SET row. Change the Effective Date to the date the student reached the goal. Mark the Status as MET. In this case, you do not need an End Date.

Q5: Should I delete old history items?

No, please don't delete any legitimate history items. Instead, give an END date to those that no longer apply.

The only time you should delete a history item is when you create one by mistake. FYI, you cannot delete any history items unless they were created at your site.

Q6: Where can I find a list of student history groups and items?

Click here: Student History Groups and Items. While we're at it, here's the link to Staff and Volunteer Groups and Items.

Q7: Can we create our own history groups and items?

Yes! See this article: Create or edit site specific history groups/items

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