FAQ: Why can't I record a student test?

Q: Why can't I record a student test?

A: SiD has very tight guardrails to make sure only valid tests are entered onto a student record. If you're having trouble entering a test, keep these facts in mind:

  1. The entered score must be within the valid range for the selected test.
  2. An alternate form must be used each time the student is tested. Example: if the last TABE reading test was form number 11, the next test must be form 12.
  3. Students being post-tested must have 40 hours of instruction since the last valid test.
    See FAQ: What is the 40-hour rule for assessments? 
  4. Tests dates are important. SiD users can add, edit, or delete tests given during the current or one prior calendar month.
    See One (1) Month Lockdown for Entering Time, Tests.
    For help adding, editing, or deleting tests created by mistake, contact

Best practice: do not re-test a student until his/her record shows 40 hours of instruction has occurred and the test name/subject is in GREEN type on the Students>Summary or Students>Assessment grid.

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