FAQ: Why can't I record a student test?

SiD has very tight guardrails to ensure that only valid tests are entered onto a student record. The software will check the following criteria before allowing a CASAS, TABE, or BEST Plus test. If you're having trouble entering a test, keep these facts in mind:

  1. The entered score must within the range for the selected test.
  2. An alternate form must be used each time the student is tested.
  3. Students being post-tested must have 40 hours of recorded instruction since the last valid test.
    • The 40 hours do not all have to be earned in the current NRS year.
    • Shared students may have had instructional hours since they were last tested. Those hours earned at the other site count towards the 40 hours between tests and appear on the Students>Assessment tab.
    • Up-to-date attendance entry is critical so the software knows when the student passes the 40 hour mark.
  4. Tests dates are important. Tests can be managed when given during the current month or within the last 3 full calendar months. See 3 Month Lockdown for Entering Tests, Time. For help adding, editing, or deleting tests created by mistake, contact

IMPORTANT technical notes about the 40 hours rule:

  1. SiD does not count hours earned ON THE DAY OF THE TEST when calculating the 40 hours between tests. Instead, the software assumes that student time on the day of the test was spent taking a test, not receiving instruction. (All hours are counted for reporting purposes - Table A, etc.)
  2. The software cannot tell if a student had last-minute instruction on the day of the test to put them over 40 hours. Instead, it looks to see if the student had 40 hours of instruction recorded BEFORE the DAY of the test.
  3. Tests are not time stamped, so the software automatically assigns a time of 12:00AM on the test day (first thing in the morning of the day the test was given).

Best practice: do not re-test a student until his/her record shows 40 hours of instruction has occurred and the test name/subject is in GREEN type on the Students>Summary or Students>Assessment grid.

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