Add GED testing hours

If your program claims reimbursement from the MDE for GED Testing Hours, you have 2 options for recording the testing hours - as block time or as a special GED testing class. For a discussion of the two methods, see Overview: GED Hours for reimbursement.

Enter testing hours as block time

  1. On the Students tab, search for the student name; click the desired row in the results.
  2. On the Students>Time screen, complete these form fields:
    • Date: Select the approximate date the hours were earned - it’s OK to enter official GED hrs for all subjects at once if you don’t need them split out by subject for your testing center.
    • Contact: select GED Testing
    • Enter number of GED testing hours in the box.
  3. Click the Add button.

Enter testing hours in a special GED Testing Hours class

GED Testing hours are different from NRS contact (instructional) time. To learn how to create a special class for GED Testing only, see Create a GED Testing Hours Class.

To enter GED Testing hours in the special class:

  1. On the Classes tab, search for the GED Testing Hours class; click the desired row in the results.
  2. Click the Classes>Attendance tab.
  3. From the calendar, choose the appropriate date.
  4. For each student, edit the Start time by adjusting the menu. Then record the total number of official testing hours. Do not record instructional time here!
  5. When finished, click the Save Attendance button. 
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