Race: marking Hispanic students

Frequently asked question:

If the student is Hispanic/ Latino, why does the system demand an another answer for the race section?

Our brilliant answer:

The Feds require that programs ask all students to first select "Yes" or "No" for Hispanic, then to select a race (from a list of options that doesn't include Hispanic). The Feds do not allow us to have a race option of "none," so you must choose from one of the other options, even though many students do not feel that they are a good fit.

When we run the NRS report for the Feds, students who have a "Yes" for Hispanic will be reported as Race/Ethnicity Hispanic. Any race entries for these students will simply be ignored.  For local reports that show demographic information we also use the "Yes" for Hispanic to over-ride the race selection - so students will appear as "Hispanic" on those reports as well.

Here's our advice: if students indicate they ARE Hispanic, mark "Two or More Races" when none of the other race options apply.

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