Select Displayed Tests: Customize Your Test Menu

Use the Dashboard Select Displayed Tests feature to create your own custom list of tests. Only the tests you choose will appear in the Test menu.

  • Urban Planet will add NRS-approved tests to the list of available tests. Do not create NRS-approved tests on the Admin>Site Specific Tests screen.
  • Newly added tests are not automatically visible in the SiD Test menu.
  • Selecting tests applies to your login only, not the entire site.
  • To see the new test names, each staff person needs to update their own custom list of tests.

How to Customize your Test Menu

Video: How To Customize Your Test Menu (based on Teacher Login)

The Select Displayed Tests link appears on the Home tab Dashboard for staff with a teacher or admin login account.

  1. On the Home tab, click the Select Displayed Tests link.
  2. On the next screen, scroll through the test names. Make sure there's a checkmark in front of the test you want in your custom list. Uncheck the tests you don't want to see.
    180724_select_displayed_tests_checkbox.png      200605_COVID_-_ABE_ESL_EFL_Estimate_TestMenu.jpg
  3. Click the Save Selected Tests button.
  4. Confirm by looking for the new test in the Students>Assessments Test menu or Classes>Assessment Test menu.
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