Create new, edit, or deactivate student phone number

A student's most recent primary and secondary phone numbers appear on the Students>Summary screen and various reports. If a phone number changes, you can adjust it after a record has been created. Your choices are to edit the existing number, create a new number, or deactivate all primary or secondary numbers.

  • Create a NEW phone if the person has a new contact number. This will add a new row to the Personal Data History, which is important to keep in the historical record of the person.
  • EDIT an existing number if you're correcting a typo or changing the Text checkbox status.
  • DEACTIVATE existing primary or secondary numbers. Use this option when a student's primary and/or secondary phone number is inaccurate. 


Create a new phone number

  1. On the Students tab, select the desired student.
  2. On the Student>Info subtab, click the New Phone button
  3. A new screen will appear. Select the date the new phone number(s) go into effect.
  4. Type the new primary phone number, and secondary if it applies. (Any old numbers will remain on the student record.)
  5. Select the Text checkbox to indicate phone can receive text messages.
  6. Click the Save button.

Edit an existing phone number

  1. On the Students tab, select the desired student.
  2. On the Student>Info subtab, click the pencil in the row with the phone number.
  3. In the edit screen that appears, update the number.
  4. From the Text menu, choose Yes if the phone number can receive text messages. 
  5. Click the Save Changes button.

Deactivate existing numbers

  • It is not possible to delete old numbers that are no longer in service.
  • It is not possible to edit the Primary column to say "no." 
  • When the most recent primary and/or secondary phone number is no longer accurate and there is no replacement, deactivate it. Check the box next to the words "Primary/Secondary #s Are Not Active."200527_deactivate_numbers.jpgPhone numbers that match your selection will not appear on the Students>Summary screen or other contact lists and reports.
  • To show a phone number, UNCHECK the deactivate checkbox. The most recent phone will reappear on the summary screen and in reports.
  • When student records are merged, phone numbers will be active again. This will allow a more recent phone number, if any, to appear.
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