Reactivate a returning student

When a former student returns, it's a simple process to re-open their record.

Note: always add to an existing record rather than creating a new record for the same person. 

1. Use Person Search to see if the returning student was enrolled at another ABE site in the state.

  • If so, add the student to your site. Then use Person Merge to combine the (same) students into a single record. See instructions here: Merging People Records
  • If the student was previously enrolled only in your site, click the Student link in the Person Search results.

2. On Students>Summary, click the History subtab.

  • ABE Program Status: select Re-Entry from the History Item menu.
  • Add new rows for other history groups and items as they apply. Use the student's return date in the date fields.

3. On the Schedule subtab, enroll the student in the appropriate class. If the student is coming back to the same class, see this help article: Re-enroll a returning student into the same class

4. On the Assessment subtab, add tests as needed/allowed.

5. Add info to the Log subtab as desired.

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