WIOA - NRS Update

ABE programs are required to report performance using the National Reporting System (NRS).  NRS was re-authorized under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). The regulations for WIOA were released on June 30, 2016, and have been in effect since the program year 2016/17.

The reporting requirements continue to evolve. 

MN Local ABE Consortium reporting

NRS/WIOA requirements are still changing. For that reason, MN has decided to keep local, program-level reporting simple. Each year, local consortia are required to report only the following to the MN Department of Education (MDE).

  • Table A (for funding purposes)
  • Level Gains with Post-Test Rates report (a mirror of NRS Table 4)
  • NRS Primary Goals report
  • NRS Table 7 (staffing table)

All of the above reports and tables can be found on SiD's Reports tab.

MN State reporting to Federal NRS/WIOA systems

The state of MN ABE unit must report the complete set of statewide NRS/WIOA required reports. These are run in SiD by MDE staff, and reported to the NRS/WIOA reporting system.

Some reports require data-match with other state agencies. These items are reported after the initial program year due to requirements for follow-up data (such as employment 2nd quarter after exiting ABE).

The tables required for reporting are described in detail in the NRS Technical Assistance guide (see link below).  For program year 2018/19 the reports are:

  • NRS Tables 1-11 & 14
  • WIOA Joint Tables (completed with WIOA partners)

Resources provided by the NRS Support Project

Accessible, printable version of the NRS Technical Assistance (TA) Guide
(PDF, 3540 KB)



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