WIOA - NRS Update

The regulations for WIOA were released on June 30, 2016.

These new rules (and reporting tables) will be in effect for the program year 2016/17.

The NRS reporting tables have been changed under these new regulations, some changes are quite minor and others are more significant. (The new NRS Tables are available here.)  Urban Planet staff and MDE ABE Dept staff will be working to interpret the new regulations and implement them into official NRS reports. Official written "guidance" about these reporting requirements is expected to be published by NRS early in the year 2017. These guidelines will inform publication of new reports in SiD.

In addition to updated NRS tables, the State ABE Dept will have to submit joint reports with WIOA partners. These reports will require additional information that ABE programs will need to ask of incoming students. Find the joint reporting tables here.  Most notable for ABE programs, are new data elements called "Barriers to Employment" they are summarized here. Beginning mid January 2017 all of these elements will be on the SiD intake screen and the student "History" screen.  See this help article for an example of how to input these data items. 

We will continue to work to disseminate information about these changes and plan training necessary to assist programs in gathering and reporting data to remain compliant with these new regulations.


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