Mass exit people from a class

Use mass exit to remove a group of students, staff, and/or volunteers from a class.

  • Click here for how to exit a student from one or more classes.
  • Click here to learn how to delete a class enrollment when a student has zero attendance hours.
  • Click here for more options when exiting or enrolling entire classes at a time.

Whatever method is used, make sure attendance hours are up to date before exiting people from a class.

Mass exit a group of people from a class (requires Admin or Teacher login)

  1. Select the desired class from the Classes tab.
  2. On the Classes Summary, click the Enroll/Exit button at the top right, above the class roster.
  3. On the next screen, select Exit Only from the Choose an Action menu.
  4. On the next screen:
    A. Type the Exit Date for the people to be exited.
        - For classes that are no longer open, use the Class End Date.
        - To exit people who have not had hours in the last month, use a
           date from 30 days ago. People with attendance hours after
           the date you select will not be exited.
    B. Select staff*, volunteers, and students to be exited. If applicable, check the Select All Students box.
    C. Click the Process button.


On the Classes>Summary screen, the names of exited people will move from the list of current staff/volunteers/students down to the Previously Enrolled section.

*Note: Once a teacher has been exited from a class, s/he will no longer be able to add student attendance or manage the class or its students.

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