Assessment Tab on Class Page

You can enter test scores for students in a class, and find a wealth of information about the assessments for these students on the Assessment tab of a class. Use filtering and searching to narrow down the list by subject or test, or to see who is eligible for testing and who has gained a level.

Click on the Assessment tab.

The column headers on this grid can be used to filter/search. Most columns are self-explanatory - here are a few that may need some explanation.

You can filter by one column or put criteria in 2 or more columns to perform detailed filters.

If you want to see only one testing subject (such as reading) type "reading" (or "read") in the "Subj" column. If you want to see only CASAS Reading, then type Read in Subj and CASAS in the Test column. The list will filter down to just those that are CASAS and Reading (note - at the bottom there is a summary of your filter requests).


If you want to only see those who are eligible for another test (they meet the 40+ rule), select the "checkbox" in the ReTest column. 


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