Merging People: Dept of Corrections special instructions

Sometimes you’ll find duplicate people who have been entered in your site. They will need to be merged into a single record. That's where Person Merge comes in.

MN Dept of Corrections uses custom (oid) badge ids. Because the ids may be the same on both records to be merged, one id number will need to be changed. Records with the same badge id cannot be merged.

  1. Student tab: Search for the people names you want to merge.
  2. On the Summary and Info subtabs, compare the records to confirm that the two people are the same. Check visible SSN digits, birthdate, gender, race/ethnicity, and address, phone, and email entries.
    Be certain these are the same people BEFORE you merge! There is no merge "undo" button.
  3. Note which record has the correct badge/OID number. If both OID numbers are the same, choose the record with the most recent student contact dates. This will be Person One, the record you want to keep. 
  4. Go to the Summary subtab for Person Two. Click on the Change Badge ID link.
  5. Change the Badge ID for Person Two to a number between 1 million and 2 million. Then write down this new badge ID for Person Two. Click the Save button.

  6. Click on the Admin tab, then Person Merge.


  • Badge ID One: type the badge ID of the record you want to keep.
  • Badge ID Two: type the badge ID of the record you want to merge into Badge ID One.
  • Carefully confirm that you have selected the two students you really want to merge.
    *Double check their names.* <------ Seriously!
    Click the checkboxes, then type over the characters of their name that are displayed in the text box. 
    • Exception 1: When the last name has only 2 or 3 characters, type only what you see. Do not add a spacebar at the end. Example: The student's last name is Van. "Van" will appear in the confirmation boxes. Type Van, not Van(spacebar).
    • Exception 2: When the last name has 4+ characters, and the 4th character is a blank, you WILL use a spacebar. Example: The student's last name is Del Rio. "Del " will appear in the confirmation boxes. Type Del(spacebar), not Del.
  • Click the Merge button.

Here's what happens after the merge is complete.

  • Assessments, Schedules, Benchmarks, Logs, History Items, Time, and Info from both records are combined onto the merged record.
    • Duplicate history items do not appear on the merged record.
    • Students currently enrolled in the same class on both records may show TWO entries on the Classes>Summary screen. Try to delete one enrollment. If you cannot, contact SiD Support at for help.
  • The merged record will show Badge ID One details when the field will hold only one entry. Examples: Badge ID, SSN, Birthdate, Gender, Hispanic, Ethnicity. Exceptions: 
    • Current Name, Address, Primary & Secondary Phone, and Email show the most recent entries - which may come from the Badge ID Two record. Update the name and other details by creating a new name entry on the Students>Info screen (even if it existed in the past).
    • When the Badge ID One student photo is blank, the photo from Badge ID Two will be used (if available).
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