Find classes using Active Dates

Use Active Dates to see classes open to students between a range of dates.

Here's a common scenario.

Q: I created a bunch of classes that start on different dates in Sept. 2016. How can I get them to appear on the Classes tab?

A: Adjust the Active dates on the Classes tab to include the date you’re searching for. Then use the field search boxes to narrow down your results.

  1. In the Active date 1 box, type 9-1-16 and in the Active date 2 box, type 9-30-2016. Click the Go button to see all the classes open between those dates.

  2. Refine the results by using the class Start Date column (which shows the date the class began).
    For example, say you want to find classes that begin on Sept 1. In the Start Date search box, type 9-1-2016. Press the keyboard Enter key.


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