Edit a class enrollment (entry) date

This article tells how to change a student enrollment date in a class.

Staff must have an admin level SiD login to edit a student's class enrollment date.

Before editing, keep these rules about student enrollment dates in mind:

  • A student cannot have attendance hours recorded before s/he was enrolled in the class. The student start date must be BEFORE the first date his/her hours were entered for this class. 
  • A student cannot be enrolled in a class before the CLASS start date (when the class first began accepting students).
  1. On the Students tab, find and select the name of the desired student.
  2. On the Schedule subtab, go to the Currently Scheduled section. Click on the name of the class with the incorrect student entry date.
  3. In the form that appears, change the start date to show when the student really enrolled.

  4. Click the Save Changes button.


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