Run, Download, and Print Reports

You can find reports on many screens - but the Reports tab has all of the program-wide reports in one place. 

From the Reports tab, click on the report link to open a new window. Some reports run instantly. Others require you to provide more details by choosing the parameters (report filters). Default parameters can often be changed to different date ranges, sub-sites etc.

For best print results: download, then print the report

Make your file type selection (PDF, Excel or Word) by clicking the floppy disk icon. This will download the report to your computer.

The file name will also appear at the bottom of the browser. Click the file name to open. Print.

For quicker printing, make a one-time change to your Chrome download settings.

Click the arrow next to the downloaded file name. In the pop-up window, select "Always Open with System Viewer." Now when you download a report it will automatically open in a new window, and you can print from there.


If you no longer want Chrome to auto-open your files, click on the 3 dots on the top right of the browser window. From the menu, choose Settings. Click on Advanced link. Scroll to the Downloads section. On the row labeled "Open certain file types automatically after downloading," click the Clear button. 
Optional method: print using browser print

Another option for quick printing is to use the browser printing option. For Chrome - click the 3 dots on the top right of the browser window, then select Print. You may also use the keyboard command "Ctrl+p".

Two things to note with this method:

  1. All the report parameters will appear at the top of the printed report. It's informative, but not pretty.
  2. Browser print (Ctrl+p) will print only the page of the report that's on your screen. If the report takes up 3 screens, you will need to print each screen separately. 

 Use the browser print screen options to select pages and click Print.



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