Edit or Delete Student Attendance

Use the edit screen to correct time type, attendance date, start/end times, and number of hours earned. You may also delete the time row. 

Important notes

  • Staff must have Admin login privileges to edit or delete time rows.
  • To edit or delete contact, counseling, one-on-one, or distance learning hours, they must be dated within the current month or one month prior. See more in this help article: One (1) Month Lockdown. 
  • We recommend using Google Chrome as your web browser when editing attendance. Other browsers (Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.) may not display the edit screen as expected.

Edit or delete individual student time rows

  1. Select the student name from the Student list or from Classes>Summary class roster.
  2. Click the Students>Time subtab.
  3. Select the row you want to edit/delete. 
  4. In the form that appears:
  • Edit the time row by updating the incorrect fields; click Save Changes.

  • Delete the time row by clicking the Delete This Time? link. Read and click through the warnings.


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