Create a New Student; field definitions

Users must have Admin level privileges to create a new student record.

Begin on the Person Search tab. If you search the statewide database and the student does not exist, click the blue New Student button to get to the Create a Student screen.

To successfully create and save a new student, you must enter the bare minimum data elements. These elements are either highlighted in red or they are symbolized by a red "thumbs down"  - which will become a green "thumbs up" when data is entered.  

Other elements are not required by NRS in order to create a student record, but will probably be needed by your local program for program management purposes. Speak to your program manager to determine the requirement for some of these elements (such as County of Residence, Country of Birth, etc).

Scroll down to see definitions of the data elements on this "Create a Student" screen.

Download printer-friendly, clickable link versions: Create New Student ScreenCreate Student Field Definitions Cheat Sheet


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