Duplicate an existing class

Use the duplicate class feature to re-create a similar class, or to "roll over" current classes to a new year, semester, or term. Both current and ended classes can be duplicated.

See also: Enroll and Exit students from a class

Staff must have admin level privileges to duplicate classes.

Note: To copy people to the duplicated class: create the duplicate class before exiting people from the old class.

Create a duplicate class

  1. On the Classes tab, search for the class name; click the desired class row in the results.
  2. On the Classes>Summary tab, click the Duplicate Class button to create an exact copy of the class.
  3. Update any class details, including class name, room, dates, class times, etc. Click the Save button.
  4. On the list of staff, volunteers, and students currently enrolled in the old class, mark the names to be added to the duplicated class. Click Enroll.

Exit people from the old class

Exit all currently active people from the old class. If the class has not yet ended, use a future end date. For example, if the class will end 6/30/20, use 6/30/20 as the students' class enrollment End Date. See this article, Exit people from a class, for a quick way to exit everyone.

Modify old class End Date if necessary

Class Start and End Dates should reflect when the class was open to students. When the old class ended sooner than originally planned, change the class End Date. It's on the Classes>Summary screen. Click the Edit button in the purple box, change the End Date, and save changes.

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