Teacher login rights - tab by tab

Here's what staff can do in the database when they are assigned an account with a login role of "teacher."

General Info

  • Click on tabs for Home (Dashboard), Students, Classes, Reports and Help.

Home (Dashboard) tab

  • View names of current (not future) classes to which the teacher is assigned; click link to go to class attendance screen to enter student attendance
  • Select links for printable attendance sheet and sign-in sheets
  • Create a custom list of locally used tests to show in the database menus

Students tab

  • Student List: View all students who have ever been enrolled in the site
  • Summary: View all info, edit summary info; select class in which the student is enrolled
  • Assessment: View all student tests
  • Schedule: View all classes in which the student has been enrolled
  • Logs: View log entries
  • History: View history items
  • Time: View individual time records
  • Info: Add and edit Contacts and Personal Data History (name, address, phone & email)

Classes tab

  • Classes List: View all the classes (depends on Active dates entered at the top of the screen)
  • Summary: View all info; print attendance or sign-in sheet; select individual students or volunteers; enroll students/staff/volunteers* in a current (not future) class to which they are assigned as a teacher; and exit students/staff/volunteers from current class and enroll in another existing class.
    *Teacher must know the student/staff/volunteer badge ID before enrollment. Student badge IDs are on the student record; staff and volunteer badge IDs are available from your data coordinator.
  • Attendance: Enter student attendance on days when class is in session when they are assigned as a teacher for the class. They cannot edit or delete attendance once it has been saved.
  • Assessment: View tests for all students currently enrolled in the class; add an assessment for a student.
  • Messages: Create notices, private, and public logs for classes to which the teacher is assigned. The Message log type, which allows an electronic message to be sent to an individual or group of students, must be viewed by the student via the Student Portal.
  • Time: Select reports to view, export, or print

Reports tab

  • Run any reports that appear

Help tab

  • Click on the link to be redirected to the Help Center


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