Assign a teacher to a class

When first creating a class (see create a class), you can assign a teacher to the class.
If you need to assign a teacher to a class at another time, use one of these methods:

Method 1: Assign staff to a class from staff person's record

  1. On the Staff tab, search for the staff name; click the desired row in the results.
  2. Click the Staff>Schedule tab. In the form at the top of the screen,
    • Select the date.
    • Pick a subsite from the All Sub-Sites menu if desired.
    • Select the class from the Choose a Class to Add menu.
    • Choose whether they are "Instructional" or "Non-Instructional". 
  3. Click the Save button.

Method 2: Assign staff to a class from the class page

To use this method you will need the BadgeID number of the staff person.

1. Go to the class page and click on the Enroll button near the top.

2. In the form that appears, enter

  • the Date of Enrollment - the date the teacher began with this class
  • the Enrollment Type (for a teacher, choose "Instructional"),
  • staff BadgeID
  • an Enrollment End Date if applicable.

 3. Click the Save button.

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