Create a New Staff or Volunteer

Before creating a new staff/volunteer record, check to see if the person already exists in the state-wide data system:

  1. Click on the Person Search.
  2. Enter up to 3 strings (pieces of info) from these 5 types: first name, last name, SSN, email address, birthdate. Click the Enter key to activate the search. Note that the search will show results that match ALL of your search criteria.
  3. In the Match List, look for potential matches.

Three possibilities:

  • The person is already entered at your site. In the Relationship column, click on the Staff or Volunteer link. Check the summary info. If it’s the person you’re looking for, update the existing record.
  • The person is already entered at another site. In the Relationship column, click the Not in Site link for more detail. If you’re sure it’s the same person you are searching for, add the staff person/volunteer to your site and update the existing info.
  • No matching records; the person has never been in MN ABE. Create a new record from scratch.

Create a new Staff or Volunteer record from scratch

Note: People must have a volunteer record to be counted on the MLC Annual Volunteer Report.

  1. On the Person Search tab, click the New Staff or New Volunteer button. 

  2. Staff and Volunteer create screens: complete all fields (thumbs down, dates and pink highlighted sections must be completed in order to save the record.) Note: on staff/volunteer records - for the categories of ethnicity, race, gender, and education level -  "Unreported" is an option.

    For volunteers it is important to select the appropriate "ABE Program at Entry" (ABE, GED or ESL) for accurate reporting on the annual MLC volunteer report.

    The "State Staff Type" field collects information that is used to populate NRS Table 7 (for both Staff and Volunteers). Select the item from the drop-down list that best describes the person's job or volunteer assignment. If they have multiple roles, select the item that describes what they do for the majority of their time.
    Administrative: Staff/volunteers that work on ABE program business and do not supply any direct guidance to students.
    Counselor: Staff/volunteers that do not teach, but supply direct guidance to students (intake, testing, class scheduling, etc)
    Not Reportable: Staff/volunteers that are NOT paid from ABE dollars.
    Paraprofessionals: Staff/volunteers that support teachers in classroom instruction and never lead instruction.
    State Administrative: Staff/volunteers that work for MN Dept of Education.
    Teacher: Staff/volunteers that lead instruction in classes.

  3. From the Staff/Volunteer summary page, select the Info tab: add emergency contacts as needed
  4. From the Staff/Volunteer summary page, select the History tab: add items related to training and certification
  5. From the Staff/Volunteer summary page, select the Schedule tab: enroll them into a new or existing class (if applicable)

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