FAQ: What are Contact Hours and NRS Program years?

There are two reporting periods for ABE - contact hours (state) and NRS Program (Federal).

Contact Hours year

  • The contact hours year runs May 1 - April 30. These dates are set by MN statute.
  • Each consortium submits end-of-year spreadsheets to the MDE by June 1. They show student progress and local program performance between May 1-April 30.
  • Table A, which reports student attendance hours for program funding, follows the contact hours year per state statute.

NRS Program year

  • The NRS Program year runs July 1 - June 30.
  • After June 30, ABE data for the entire state is combined into a single electronic file using Federal year dates. Core goals and outcomes are compared with state databases for DEED, MNSCU, and GED Testing (also known as "data matching").
  • Federal reporting is compiled "behind the scenes." Local consortia do not submit any additional reports to the MDE for this one.
  • The MDE submits Minnesota's NRS tables and other financial reports to the Feds by the end of the calendar year.
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