What is the "40 hour rule" for assessments?

This is a Federal ABE testing rule. It applies to academic students who will be counted in the state and Federal NRS reporting.

Students MUST* receive at least 40 hours of instruction between tests in the same test family (CASAS, TABE, BEST PLUS) and subject.

The next test in the same test family/subject must be an alternate form number. Example: if the last test was a TABE reading 9M, the next test would be TABE reading 10M.

Students with fewer than 40 instructional hours may be assessed:

  • in the same test family, but different subject
  • in a different test family
  • using a non-NRS test, such as an in-house assessment or rubric.


*To set an Educational Functioning Level (EFL or entry level) for the Federal NRS reporting year, students must have a valid test dated in the 12 month lookback period - within 12 months of the start of the Federal NRS year, July 1.

If the last test was given prior to the 12 month lookback, give a new test using an alternate form even if 40 hours have not yet occurred.

If you accidentally test a student before 40 hours of instruction you will have to decide what to do with that test. The test can not be recorded.

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