Level gains for passing GED, diploma

At this time, passing the GED or earning a high school diploma will not appear as a level gain on the Level Gains and Post-Test Rates report.

Passing the GED or earning a high school credential will be counted as a positive outcome on  NRS Table 4. It will be in a separate column from the count of students who have an educational functioning level (EFL) gain.

Passing the GED or diploma will also be counted on Table 5 if the same student gets a job or enrolls in post-secondary after a certain period of time.

Here's how GED and diploma passers are included on the Federal NRS reports:

  • Data matching will determine whether or not a GED has been earned.
  • For the high school credential, SiD will count students who have an NRS Primary Goal of earning a diploma that was MET during the selected NRS year.


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