How Entry EFLs are set for NRS reporting

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SiD sets the Entry Educational Functioning Levels (Entry EFLs) used for NRS reporting. It compares pre- and post-tests to find level changes, and determines which tests to use to as the student's starting point. Keep these facts in mind:

  • All valid pre-tests have the potential of becoming the Entry EFL for NRS reporting.
  • ESL levels are always lower than ABE levels.

Test selection

1. The software looks for valid pre-tests.

  • The software finds all family/subject test combinations given in the 12 months before the Start Date of the report being run. The default report Start Date is July 1 for NRS tables, and May 1 for Table A. The most recent of each combo is selected as a pre-test for the current NRS year.
  • When there are no tests in the prior year, the software uses the first test in each family/subject given in the current NRS year as a pre-test.

2. The software compares all pre- and post-test(s) to determine if the student gained a level.
3. The software determines which Entry EFL to report based on the following factors: 

For students with level gains:

A. If there is a gain in ONLY one test/subject combination, the software will set the Entry EFL to that level.

B. For students who show a level gain in more than one subject area, the software will choose the test/subject pre-test with the lowest EFL.

For students with NO level gain:

C. When a post-test is given in only one test/subject, the pre-test for that combo* is used to determine the Entry EFL.

D. Students with post-tests in more than one subject (but no gain in any of them) are assigned the lowest* Entry EFL from those combinations in which they were post-tested.

E. If a student was not post-tested in any combination, they are assigned the lowest* pre-test EFL.

*Exception: students with an ABE 6 Entry level will be assigned to the ABE 6 EFL.

For students who drop a level:

F. When a post-test result is lower than the pre-test, the original pre-test level will be used as the Entry EFL.

updated 6/2/17

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