Assessment History report

Use this report to find students who are eligible to be tested.

The Assessment History report is found in two locations:

  • The Classes>Time tab - find students in a single class.
  • The Reports tab, Outcome Reports section - find students program wide, by subsite, or by class.


Report filters

  1. Start Date: will show students enrolled in the class on the date provided. The Start Date defaults to the current date. In most cases, that's the best one to use.
  2. Class: the name of the class will appear automatically if it is currently running. If the class is not currently running, change the report Start Date to the last day the class was open. Then select the class name from the Class menu.
  3. Last Assessments: allows you to choose which tests to show.
    • True = show only the last test in each test family/subject
    • False = show all tests taken by the student
  4. Current Students:
    • True = show students who are currently enrolled in the class.
    • False = show students who were enrolled in the class on the Start Date, whether currently enrolled or not.
  5. Test:
    • ALL = show assessments in any test family, including custom, site-specific tests.
    • Choose a specific test from the menu. (Site-specific tests cannot be selected.)
  6. Subject: view all test subjects taken by students, or specify a subject.
  7. Show Only Students Eligible to Test:
    • No (All Students) = show all students' tests, whether or not they are eligible for re-test.
    • Yes (can test only) = show only students and their tests that are eligible for re-test. (In the results, look in the Can Test column for a green shaded box that says "True.")
  8. Gain Status:
    • All Students = Show students and tests whether or not the student has a level gain for the current NRS Program year.
    • Students Without Gain = Show students and tests for students who DO NOT have a level gain in the current NRS Program year.
    • Students With Gain = Show students and tests for students who HAVE a level gain in at least one subject in the current NRS Program year.
  9. Show Names on Each Row?
    • Yes = repeat the name of the student for each row with a test. This is handy for sorting if you plan to export the report to Excel.
    • No = don't show the name of the student in each row with a test. This makes the report a little visually cleaner, and avoids repetition.

    Report column notes

    1. The Hours Since column shows the total hours earned by the student between the test date and the report Start Date. It includes all class and block time earned at the local and shared sites (if any). Selecting a subsite or class from the report parameters will show hours not associated with a class.
    2. The Level Gain columns note whether a level gain has been earned in the current program year.
    3. Pay attention to the Pre-EFL column. Students need at least ONE valid pre-test to set the Entry Functioning Level each NRS year. Those with no valid pre-test will show NONE in the report's Pre EFL column. Test these students as soon as possible, and certainly before they earn 12 attendance hours for this NRS year.
    4. The Can Test column shows the word True in green shading when the student is eligible for a test. Not all students who are eligible to test need to be tested immediately. For example:
    • When students move from CASAS to TABE testing, the report may show that they can be given a CASAS test. When a TABE test is current, no CASAS testing is needed.
    • When a student has a valid test and has earned 40 hrs, immediate testing is not required by the MDE. But it's a good idea, especially for programs with fewer than 15 class hrs/week.
    • GED official tests and custom local assessments will appear on the report, but it is not necessary to re-test.

    Ideas for how to use this report

    Example 1: Find only current students eligible to test

    Apply the filters at the top of the report to narrow the results.

    1. Leave the default Start Date of today's date. 
    2. Set the Show Only Students Eligible to Test filter to "Yes (can test only)."
    3. Change other filters as desired. Then click the View Report button.
    4. In the Can Test column, look for the word True with green shading.
    5. Determine whether to test or retest the student.

    Example 2: Find current students ready to test, without a gain in any subject

    Set the filters as highlighted below, and other filters as desired.


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