Benchmark Report

The Student Benchmark Report will create a list of students who were active (enrolled in a class) within a specified date range and will display all of their Benchmarks. 
The Benchmarks can be filtered by Effective Date Range, Benchmark Category, Level and Metric.

When you first click the Student Benchmark Report you will see a screen with many options. The "Students Active Between (Start)/(End)" will select all students who are enrolled in a class between those dates. (See orange box in first image.) Dates default to today, showing students who are active today. Adjust Active dates if you want students who were active in a different time frame. 

The next set of dates (blue box in image below) allows you to set the date range of the Benchmarks that will be displayed in the report. Use these fields to find all Benchmarks with Effective Dates that fall between the dates you select. The default is set to show 1/1/2008 to today's date. 

The default is also set to find all "Benchmark Categories", "Benchmark Levels" and "Benchmark Metrics".  You can adjust those accordingly.

The example above will show all students enrolled on 2/6/2017 (those who have an active class on their schedule on that date), and will display all of their Benchmarks dated between 1/1/2008 - 2/6/2017.  

The title of the report includes the Active date range you selected. The Benchmark subtitle shows the Benchmark Effective Date range you selected.

Another example: Find students who had Digital Literacy Benchmarks during the 16-17 program year no matter when they were enrolled (maybe they were a student a few years ago, then finished the test some benchmarks this year). 

  1. Set the Students Active Between dates as a wide range (9/1/2008 - today).
  2. Set the Benchmark Date Range between 7/1/2016 and today.
  3. Set the Benchmark Category to "Digital Literacy"
  4. Click the View Report button.

Your results show students who were active at any time during that date range, and had Digital Literacy Benchmarks between 7/1/16 and today. 

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