Class Mass Exit and Mass Enroll

Users with admin level privileges have options for exiting or enrolling entire classes at a time. This feature is also known as mass exit and mass enroll. It's handy when a lot of students are progressing to a new class at the same time. It can also be used to exit all students at once when a class ends.

Make sure class attendance is up to date before exiting students from a class.

Options for exit/re-enroll:

  • Enroll Only: Add one or more currently enrolled students (with no end date) from this class to another class. Does not exit the student from the original class.
  • Exit Only: Exit selected, currently enrolled students from this class.
  • Enroll and Exit: Enroll selected, currently enrolled students from this class into another class; exit students from original class.

Enroll and Exit example

  1. Create the new class in which students will be enrolled. See Create a New Class.
  2. On the Classes tab, search for and select the existing class from which students will be exited.
  3. Classes > Summary: Select the Exit/Re-Enroll button at the top of the roster.
  4. From the action menu, select Enroll and Exit:
  5. The name and roster for the existing class will appear. Complete the appropriate prompts:
    • Enroll Date: enter the date teachers/students will begin the new class.
    • Choose Enrollment Class: select the name of the new class.
    • Exit Date: type the date the students will be exited from the existing class. Select a reason from the Reason menu if desired.
    • Staff/Students: check people who will be copied to the new class and exited from the existing class. 
    • Click the Process button to complete the mass enrollment and exit.


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