Deactivate Address, Phone Numbers or Email

Old addresses, phone numbers or e-mail addresses cannot be deleted from SiD. Keeping all instances of this information creates a historical record of previous contact information for a student, which can be useful in determining the correct identity of students. 

A student's most recent address, e-mail and primary and secondary phone numbers appear on the Students>Summary screen and various reports. If these addresses, phone numbers, or email are no longer accurate for a student, check the box next to the words "Addresses Are Not Active," "Primary #s Are Not Active," etc. Selected items will not appear on the student summary screen or other contact lists and reports.

If the old address, phone, or email become active again at a later date, or if you enter new contact details, uncheck the box and the address/phone/email will appear on the summary screen and in reports.

Note: when student records are merged, the most recent address, phone numbers, and email address will be active again. This will allow more recent personal data to appear onscreen.
 Captain Kangaroo's most recent phone number is 912-674-3728. Now he says he doesn't have that number anymore, and hasn't gotten a new number yet. Check the "Primary #s Are Not Active" box to remove the phone number from the Students>Summary screen, contact lists, and other reports.

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