Benchmarks - How to Create them

Benchmarks help identify the skills that a student has mastered. This article tells how to create site-specific benchmarks, associate them with a class or student, and run a benchmarks report.

Create new benchmarks for your site

On the Admin tab, click on the Benchmarks link. If your benchmark does not appear on this screen, click the Add Benchmark button.


Select a Category, Level, Subject and Metric for each Benchmark. 

If your desired Category, Level, etc., does not appear in the menu, create your own by clicking the "Manage" link(s).


Associate benchmarks with a class, individual student

Option 1: Associate benchmarks with a CLASS

By associating benchmarks with a CLASS, benchmarks can be assigned to and viewed for any students enrolled in the class. Go to the Classes>>Benchmarks screen.


Option 2: Assign benchmarks to individual STUDENTS 

Assign and view benchmarks earned by each individual student. Go to the Students>> Benchmarks tab.


Benchmark report

Use Benchmark report to view all Student's Benchmarks. Filter by Category, Level etc.


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