Report: Student History: Goals

Use the report to see goals and outcomes for students enrolled in a class during the selected date range.

NRS Primary Goals, NRS Secondary Goals, and Personal Goals appear on separate tables in the same report. Information for the report comes from items on the Students>History tab.

A note about High School Diploma goals: Students who earn a diploma must have a Students>History row showing (1) Effective Date as the date the diploma was earned; (2) NRS Primary Goal history group; (3) Local Credit Based Diploma or State Competency Based Diploma history item; and (4) an Optional Status of MET. (In this case, "Optional" is mandatory!) Diploma goals set up in this manner will appear correctly on NRS tables and Level Gain reports.

How to run the Student History: Goals report

  1. Go to the Reports tab>Data Cleanup section. Click the Student History: Goals report.
  2. Complete the report setup field. Pay close attention to the Report Date range and History Item Effective Date range.
  3. Click the View Report button.
  • NRS Primary Goals appear first in the report. Click the right-facing triangle to move to NRS Secondary and Personal Goals results.
  • In the example below,
    • the Report Date Range (yellow highlight) shows students enrolled in a class between 7/1/16 and 6/30/17.
    • The Goal Effective Date range (green highlight) and Goal Status tell the report to show MET history items that occurred between 7/1/16 and 6/30/17.
  • Click the + plus sign in front of the goal name to display student names and Met Effective Date.
  • Click the diskette icon to save the report in Excel or other document format.


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