Low Income (WIOA data element)

Under the new WIOA regulations, ABE programs are now required to report students who are low income.

A person who meets one of the following criteria is considered low income:

  • Receives one of the following: SNAP; TANF (MFIP); or SSI;
  • Family income does not exceed the higher of the poverty line or 70% of the lower living standard income level (LLSIL)*; 
  • Homeless participant or runaway youth;
  • Disabled with low income even if family is not low income.

*For LLSIL and Poverty income guidelines see:  LLSIL is listed under the column Table 4 with Area Names. Poverty guidelines are under the HHS Poverty Levels column.

Note 1:
the LLSIL categorizes regions/statistical areas as follows:

  • Mpls/St.Paul metro
  • Midwest Metro (cities not in the metro area with population > 50,000)
  • Midwest Non-metro (cities outside the metro area with population <50,000).

Note 2: For families larger than six persons, an amount equal to the difference between the six-person and the five-person family income levels should be added to the six-person family income level for each additional person in the family. 


How to collect this information

At Intake:
On the intake screen, check the "low income" check-box in the "NRS Data" section if any of the above qualifications are true for this student.  If you have already selected MFIP, SNAP or SSI you should still check the "Low Income" checkbox.

With ongoing students:
If you determine a returning student or an ongoing student is low income, you must enter this information on the student's history page.

On the Students>History page, enter the date for their low income status (usually the date of registration or the date you collected updated information). Select the history group "NRS Tracking," then the history item "Low Income."


When a student is no longer Low Income
If you are updating information with students and you find out a student is no longer low income, edit their "Low Income" history item by giving it an end date.

Go to the Students>History page. Select the existing Low Income row. 

An editing pop-up window will appear. Enter the appropriate end date and click "Save Changes."

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