Date of Unemployment (WIOA data element)

Students who have been unemployed for 27 or more consecutive weeks should be recorded as “Long-Term Unemployed” for state joint WIOA reporting. It is one of the barriers to employment.

For unemployed students, a date must be entered into a SiD field titled “Date of Unemployment.” SiD will use this date to calculate length of unemployment for WIOA reporting.

  • For formerly employed students who are now unemployed, enter the date they stopped working.
  • For unemployed students with no work history (recent immigrants, displaced homemakers, former full-time students etc.), enter the date they began looking for employment.

You only need to enter this information for students who have a Work Status of "Unemployed."

If you do not have exact dates, do your best to supply a date based on the information provided by the student.

How to record this information 
SiD has a field for entering a student's "Date of Unemployment."

  • If a student knows their last work date at intake, enter this information on the student intake screen. 
  • If you gather this information after the fact,enter it as a history item on the student's history page.
    1. Go to the Students>History page.
    2. In the Date field, enter the date the student was last employed.
    3. Choose the History Group "NRS Tracking", then the History Item "Date of Unemployment."
    4. Click the Save button.

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