Date of MFIP Expiration (new WIOA data element)

Beginning in the 2016/2017 program year, students with less than 24 months of MFIP eligibility should be recorded as such for state joint WIOA reporting (as one of the WIOA "barriers to employment").

You can record the MFIP Expiration Date for all MFIP students, whether their expiration is more or less than 24 months away.

How to record the MFIP Expiration Date
SiD has a field for entering a student's MFIP expiration date. It can be entered on the intake screen when a new student registers, or at a later date on the Students>History page.

Many new students will not know the date their MFIP eligibility will expire. In this case, you will need to gather this information at a later date from the student or from their job counselor.

  • If a student knows his MFIP Expiration Date at intake, enter this information on the student intake screen. 
  • If you gather this information after the fact, enter it as a history item on the student's history page.
    1. Go to the Students>History page.
    2. In the Date field, enter the date the student's MFIP expires.
    3. Choose the History Group "NRS Tracking", then the History Item "MFIP Expiration Date."
    4. Click the Save button.

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